Digital marketing is a subgroup of marketing that involves the use of modern technology to reach consumers. It is an important undertaking that needs to be fully incorporated in firms’ operations. This is because we are at an age where technology has a lot of influence to many people globally. Another aspect is that many people have turned search engines into their solution centres. Having this in mind, it is the responsibility of a firm to conduct a keyword research aimed at improving the ranking of their content on the search engines. Many SEO keyword research tutorials will not tell you of these key tools.


This is an important tool that breaks down on how to scrape google suggestion box. With this tool, you will be able to notice every change that Google does in real time. This will assist you in adjusting your content and/or site. Most of the time, after Google makes changes, websites do not perform well. This is because they do not get the changes hence do not adjust on time.


It is a vital tool that helps in collecting web information. After collecting the information, you will hence be able to customize your content further. Just like Panda, this tool analyzes the website part by part and give regular updates to the administrator.

Google Instant

This tool helps in making suggestions of related keywords. When one is using any search engine, there is a drop-down box that pops up and contains search suggestions. With Google Instant, you will be able to explore your niche extensively. You will see all the related terms that consumers tend to use in their searches. This will help you make your content fit the target audience. It is a good tool to use in your internet marketing campaign. This will lead to increase in the sales of your firm.

Unexpected SERP Changes

Sometimes, geographical changes affect our search results. However, with this tool, your content is adequately optimized for any potential client at any part of the world. It uses the users(clients) actions to function. It, therefore, ensures that your content remains relevant all through.


These four essential tools will assist greatly in the seo keyword research tutorial as well as in the running of the website. In turn, the website will get constant traffic that will later translate to a rise in sales/profits for the firm.