Getting a China Travel VisaGetting a China Travel Visa

A visa is basically your permission to enter another country, without this, you will be stopped at the airport, even if you have paid for a very expensive ticket.

There are some countries however, who are given total permission to enter another, but most countries still need a visa. You have to understand that there are some cases in which these visa applications are not granted. There are many reasons for this and most of the times, it is because of incomplete documents. You have to make sure that all your documents are already prepared before even applying for a visa in China. Aside from the fact that it will guarantee your permission, it will also save you a lot of problems.

Documents Here are some of the most basic documents that you will need:- Passport- china travel visa– Police Clearance Once you have these, everything hard is already finished. There are other requirements that you need to get but they will depend on your purpose in China. If you are visiting for a business trip, then you will need a proof of employment along with a letter if invitation from a Chinese company based on Mainland China.

If you are just visiting for the sake of travelling then a china travel visa would suffice.Tips You have to remember that Hong Kong and Macau are territories of China but you cannot freely enter those places without a multiple entry visa. Once you are in the mainland and if you visit these places, it is already considered leaving the country. This means that you have to plan for everything before going there. Most Chinese embassies around the world will require you to get an itinerary to be presented to the ambassador.You don’t have to worry, you will know everything when you are already holding the application form. There are some instructions that you just have to follow.

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